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What is Acai Berry?


Acai Berry is a great purple colored fruit that is actually native to rainforests of Brazil, South America. The fruit grows on Acai palm in clusters and independently resembles the grape fruit in its shape as well as size. Unlike the grapes, the edible component of the Acai Berry is the pulp of the fruit that needs to be scraped from its rind.

The natives of Brazil have been using the fruit for decades now and the other parts of the world are using this fruit as a part of weight loss diet.

Acai berry and its different products are becoming more and more famous as a superb weight loss item because of the manner that it contributes in boosting the overall metabolism rate, suppressing appetite and detoxifying the entire body. It is often found that the weight loss supplements have pure Acai Berry as the primary ingredient. This is mainly due to the reason that this fruit performs a great role in helping people to lose fat and that to without offering any side effects. By boosting the metabolism rate, the Acai Berries also help the user to burn more and more calories with every dosage while decreasing the appetite in order to stave off the cravings of junk food items.

Every Acai contains a seed that basically makes up around eighty percent of fruit. The remaining part of this fruit contains a huge amount of value as well. Each and every Acai Berry incorporates about 8g proteins, various amino acids and a blend of Vitamin A, C and other valuable nutrients. Unlike other fruits, the total content of proteins in these berries make it an excellent option for the pre and post workout meals thereby helping to repair the overworked or damaged muscles.

Acai Berry also incorporates the Omega fatty acids that are crucial to help the fuel growth thereby acting as a natural and safe anti-inflammatory. Even though various other food items are featured with this property as well like flaxseed, fish and other vegetables, the Acai Berry contains more levels of anti inflammatory properties than any other food item. Acai fruit blends in food items or smoothies and can even be bought in the powered form for sprinkling over the dishes or be hydrated and made into Acai juice.

Notable benefits of acai berry include promoting sound sleep, detoxifying the digestive system, burning the calories, speeding up metabolism, increasing energy levels and reducing free radicals to inhabit aging.

source: [http://www.uberslik.com]

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